By The Kids -- Paint Pour Necklace - White, Green and Pink

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Distinct shades of white, green and pink. This handmade necklace captures a unique pour paint technique, featuring distinct shades of pink, green and white. Each necklace is a timeless piece that screams creativity and offers an eye-catching look.

Over the years Alissa and Decklyn have helped make many items as gifts as well as products to sell on our website and at local fairs and markets. Recently they expressed an interest in making things to sell by themselves. This is their introduction to being entrepreneurs! All the items listed below are made by them and proceeds from the sales will be put into a college fund.

Each necklace is custom made and no two are exactly the same. Specific colors may be requested if what you want is not available.

Disclaimer: Paint Pouring is not a perfect art. Minor imperfections can occur with paint during the drying process. Each piece is carefully made to ensure the best possible result. Colors may appear different in person than they do on the monitor screen.



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