Ecliptic 3D Printed Chess Set

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Set: Chess pieces + chess board
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The Ecliptic 3D Printed Chess Set features carefully crafted pieces with an ecliptic design. These pieces are printed using high-grade 3D resin, making them lightweight yet durable. Its elevated aesthetic is sure to make any game a memorable experience.

An elegant but playable set with a modern, clean appearance. Pick one up for yourself or as a gift today!

These chess pieces are 3D printed with resin. Pieces are held to a high quality standard and are lined on the bottom with velvet material. Pieces are solid and have some weight to them. Multiple colors and options are available. You can choose to purchase just the pieces or have a high quality, tournament style, wood chess board included to make the set complete.

The Ecliptic set is an original design, created by Connor O'Kane. It takes inspiration from the 1987 video game R-Type. One of R-Type's power-ups is an object called the bit, which consists of a sphere encased in a rotating hemisphere. This motif formed the basis of the pawn's design, and the hemispherical collar is repeated on the king, queen and bishop but with a taller head extending out from the collar.



Color can vary slightly from your monitor to the actual chess pieces. This is due to different color tones and is a natural occurrence with handmade items.

Since the chess sets are made to order they can take up to 2 weeks to finish. Most will be completed faster. Expect longer times during the holidays.

Please double check your address for accuracy when checking out and make sure the address accepts deliveries.



  Base Width
King 1.74" 3.89"
Queen 1.57" 3.4"
Bishop 1.44" 3.02"
Knight 1.43" 2.98"
Rook 1.43" 2.11"
Pawn 1.2" 1.84"



Thank you to Connor O'Kane for creating the files. STL files can be purchased at



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