Modular Martial Arts Belt Holder

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Number of Belt Spaces: 5
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This Modular Martial Arts Belt Holder offers a unique and customizable solution for martial arts aficionados. Laser cut and personalized, it allows users to easily add or remove holders as needed, providing an unparalleled level of convenience.

Finally, a belt holder to fit your needs! 

Choose the number of pieces for your belts. Assembly required. You will receive the number of pieces ordered. They are easily lined up and can be tapped together. The fit is very tight, no glue is necessary.

Straps for each belt are also included. 

Each belt holder can also be customized with a name and up to two flags. Names and flags will be laser etched into the top of the belt holder.

If you have previously purchased this belt holder and need additional pieces to add on, you can purchase more here.

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